Caring for the future

We want you to know that at Pleasantview Baptist Church, we value your children and the opportunity we have to be a part of their lives. The PBC Nursery is dedicated to teaching the truth of Scripture in a safe, exciting, and fun environment. Our desire is for your children to know and encounter Christ during this pivotal time in their lives.

We promise to surround your children in a community of love and forgiveness that they may grow in their service to others. Our goal is to demonstrate Christ’s love to all that come into the nursery and provide the best possible care for the children, ages 0-30 months. Our primary focus in the Nursery is to meet the individual needs of your child and family. Infants and walkers begin to learn about God’s love by the example set by the adults chosen as caregivers. Should your child need you while in our care, you will be notified by a pager that will gently vibrate and light up to let you know that your child needs you.  

Our policy is to ensure the well-being of all children. We have a Background Screening Policy of all volunteers because the church and its leadership are committed to providing a safe environment for the children who attend our church. 

Nursery is provided for all services and for some events.  

For more information about the nursery, please contact Julie Lacy, Nursery Coordinator at .